Heart failure means weakness of the heart. Heart failure can occur as a transient phenomenon in the context of many diseases (eg., severe inflammation), or as the final stage of specific heart diseases. The number of patients with heart failure is steadily increasing. This has mainly to do with the aging of the population. However, the increased survival after myocardial infarction, thanks to modern interventional cardiology, and prevalence of high blood pressure (hypertension) contribute to the growing number of patients affected by this condition.


Mitral Valve Insufficiency


When the mitral valve becomes leaky blood not only goes into the body during every cardiac cycle, but also to a significant part flows backwards into the lungs. This is called mitral valve insufficiency. When this condition becomes severe – even before symptoms occur – an invasive therapy is necessary to restore normal valve function avoiding heart failure.


Heart Clinic Zurich offers the following treatments

  • Comprehensive evaluation and advice

  • Screening examinations for family members with hereditary diseases

  • Optimization of risk factors such as high blood pressure or blood fats

  • Drug treatment using state of the art medications medicines

  • Treatment with special pacemakers (CRT) devices

  • Prevention of sudden cardiac death (implantable defibrillators)

  • Investigations of the suitability for artificial hearts and heart transplantation


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