The catheter-based heart valve therapies have become an established therapy as an alternative to conventional surgical treatment for heart valves. In particular, seriously ill patients and those which are not suitable for traditional surgery can now be treated successfully, thanks to modern technology and without the use of the heart-lung machine or opening of the chest.


Aortic Stenosis


Aortic stenosis is a common problem with age. The aortic valve calcifies over time, and the valve, in particular its three cusps which open and close during every cardiac cycle become stiff and calcified which impairs the heart to eject sufficient blood into the body.


Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)

Therapeutic Accesses

Catheter Aortic Stenosis Therapie.jpg

(1) Transfemoral access is the access of chopice for TAVI (2) in some instances a trans-apical approach can be indicated (3) a direct trans-aortic approach can be done over a mini thoracotomy (4 cm).

A new alternative to conventional aortic valve replacement is the TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implantation) procedure. This is a new technique allowing for modern biological prostheses to be implanted in the existing aortic valve with a catheter. For this access to the heart mainly is gained through a puncture in the groin.




Therapeutic Accesses

Access to the heart is done over a venous puncture in the groin.

An alternative to the surgical mitral valve repair is the Mitraclip procedure which can be performed in patient with mitral insufficiency who are at high-risk for surgery. In this case the two leaflet of the mitral valve can be clipped together to improve the mitral valve insufficiency. The clip can be placed with a catheter which is inserted through the groin.


Heart Clinic Zurich offers the following treatments

  • Comprehensive investigation of the causes

  • Consulting to optimize lifestyle

  • drug treatment

  • Interventional treatment by catheter ablation of renal nerves (renal denervation)

  • Treatment in the most advanced hybrid operating room in Europe

  • Balloon expansion of the stenotic aortic and mitral valves (Aortic Balloon Valuloplasty)

  • Replacement of the native aortic valve valve- transcatheter aortic valve intervention (TAVI), transfemoral, transapical and transaortic

  • TAVI valve in valve (redo procedure after surgical Aortic Valve Replacement)

  • Transcatheter replacement of the mitral valve via apex (valve-in-valve, valve-in-ring)

  • Transcatheter mitral valve repair (MitraClip)

  • Transfemoral replacement of the pulmonary valve


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